The DOZE – 50/50 – 1 MG THC/ 1 MG CBD PER SPRAY


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The DOZE 50/50 turns your favorite food or drink into an infused experience with this nanoemulsified water-soluble spray. With high bioavailability, 3 to 4 times less product is needed compared to traditional edibles to achieve the desired effect. The body can absorb the cannabinoids faster, and the effects are felt within the first 10-15 minutes. The product can be used as a traditional oral spray and sublingually for maximum effect with minimal taste. It is ideal for vegan and health-conscious consumers who are looking to avoid additives or allergenic ingredients, and it is sugar-free. With the DOZE 50/50, 1 spray equals 1mg of THC + 1mg of CBD. Each bottle contains approximately 150 sprays.