REMIDOSE: Lemon Haze THC Oral Mist – 500mg THC


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Flavour- Lemon

500mg THC Total

Remidose’s medical-grade oral spray provides a subtle and discreet method of ingesting cannabis oil. With a total of 50 sprays per device, each spray delivers 10mg of highly purified THC distillate. The oral spray dispenses directly into the mouth, either under the tongue or inside the cheek. The product is aerosolized and produces a finer mist, which can aid quick absorption. With no smoke, no vapour, and no smell, oral sprays are convenient for any occasion. Terpene d-limonene has been added, giving this formulation a smooth lemon flavour. We only use medically approved propellants – our spray technology is best in class – and it works.

Ingredients: HFA 134a, Dehydrated Ethanol, THC Distillate, MCT Oil, d-Limonene