REDPILL – DELTA-8 THC – 15 CAPS – 25mg △8 THC, 5mg △9 THC EACH


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Which pill will you take?
8 THC Caps
MCT & palm oil carrier
Naturally occurring red colour
Custom sliding tin
15 Capsules
95%+ purity extract in a MCT and Palm Oil carrier, packed into softgels.
8 THC : 25 mg/cap
9 THC: 5 mg/ca
Supercharged, highly potent capsules, each containing 5mg THC + 25mg of Delta 8 THC in a MCT and palm carrier oil. Bold, naturally occuring red colour signature to the RedPill brand. The product does not contain cutting agents, or artificial ingredients, allowing consumers to experience the unique effects of Delta 8 + Delta 9 THC in their pure forms. Designed for precise dosing and discrete use. Manufactured using pure delta 8-dominant distillate, all RedPill products are quality control tested throughout the production process to ensure purity, quality and consistency. Enter the realm of D8 THC and experience the world in a new light. For experienced cannabis users only.