KINLOCH Serene™ CBD ONLY – THC Free Honey Apple 30ml Infused Oil (75mg CBD/ml)


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Serene™ CBD ONLY – THC Free Honey Apple Infused Oil (75mg CBD/ml)

With 2250 mg of CBD per bottle, this high potency THC-Free CBD Oil formulation is infused with natural terpenes and flavours. This flavourful infused MCT CBD tincture is formulated for calm and relaxation . After a stressful day, or if you just want to relax, this formulation is for you. No cannabis aftertaste. Our Serene™ high potency CBD line of products are designed to help promote Indica style effects of calm and relaxation without the high or worries about fatigue. This product contains THC free high potency CBD.


Quantity: 30ml

Total Cannabinoids per Package: 2250ml

  • Cannabinoids

    75mg CBD/ml, THC FREE

  • Dominant Terpenes

    A-Pinene, Beta Caryophylene, Linalool, Myrcene